The Body

The Body

This section of Go With Grace supports you to better understand what all your options are in relation to caring for the body of a loved one who has died. Information is relevant to New Zealand law so you are able to find out exactly what you can and can’t do.

Click on the images below to browse information on topics from keeping the body at home to transporting a body to options for burial and cremation and more.

Start a Go With Grace Plan

Give your family comfort and peace of mind that they are respecting and honouring your final wishes. Anyone over 18 can create a plan that outlines what they would like their funeral to look like (including music, flowers, venue, attendees etc), important wishes and key information such as the details for their bank, doctor, lawyer etc.  Find out more…

Having your loved one at home can create a special space for people to share stories, photos and memories, and bring along mementos to go in the casket.