Talking about death can be hard… we're here to help

Go With Grace offers gentle guidance, support and peace of mind for those planning for end-of-life and for people facing the loss of a loved one.

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With knowledge comes understanding, comfort and acceptance.

For many of us, we choose not to reflect on - or plan for - our own death. Go With Grace helps you to better prepare for dying, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones left behind. By sharing knowledge, we can empower people with choice, and ensure dying wishes are honoured.

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Discover thousands of businesses across Aotearoa offering support in your time of need. From funeral homes and florists to grief counsellors and casket makers, find local businesses you can trust.

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By sharing personal experiences with death and grief, we can better understand this tender subject from many different cultures, religions and perspectives.


Explore books, music, poems, guides, podcasts and more to help you plan a beautiful farewell and navigate your grief journey.