Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs

The costs involved in a funeral service vary greatly depending on a number of factors; the type of funeral you want, whether you have a wake afterwards, the number of attendees, what happens to the body after the service, and whether you use a funeral home or organise the details yourself.

The average cost of a funeral in New Zealand is in the region of $10,000 but there are many different ways to farewell a loved one. Read our funeral budgeting examples for more details about costs for different types and sizes of farewells.

How much does a funeral cost?

To help you prepare and budget, below is an outline of some of the costs you may need to consider when planning a funeral. These costs are only indicative, actual costs will vary depending on supplier, location and your individual choices.

OptionApprox. costNotes
Funeral Home/Director professional service fee$3000 - $5000
Care of the deceased/mortuary fee$400 - $900Costs vary depending on the level of care from partial including the use of a cool room to full mortuary care including preparing the body and embalming.
Cool blanket$80 per nightIf you would like to keep your loved one at home instead of choosing mortuary care.
Transfer fee$0-400Transfer of your loved one from the place of death to the funeral home or location of service. You are able to do this yourself if you wish.
Doctor's fee$50 - $300Providing necessary medical documents and signing off on death certificate.
Death certificate$33
Death Notice$100Costs vary depending on publication.
Hearse Hire$300 - $500
Hiring of Church$200
Celebrant or Minister$300 - $500
Casket$600 - $3000 +Approx. $600 for eco options and approx. $3000 for solid pine, custom made and premium options can cost significantly more.
Music$0- $200Costs vary depending on choices e.g. playing your own music through Spotify or CD to hiring a harpist or organist.
Floral arrangements$0 - $500Costs vary depending on number, size and type of arrangements, and if you use a florist or provide your own arrangements.
Service sheets$100 - $500
Memorial book$50 - $100
Photography Tribute$0 - $200Costs vary depending on if you create yourself or use the graphics team at the funeral home.
Video/streaming$0 - $500Costs vary depending on if you hire an AV/Videographer or facilitate yourself using Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Live etc.
Cremation fee$1000
Urn$80 - $300Temporary urns are available if you plan to scatter the ashes.
Burial plot$600 - $3000Costs vary depending on location but can be approx. $600 for a child plot or up to $3000 for an adult plot.
Digging fee$900
Headstone$1000 - $5000
Catering$10 - $60 per head

Funeral Costs

Funeral budgeting examples

The cost of a funeral depends on a number of different factors. Reading our funeral budgeting examples will give more detail about the varying costs for different types and sizes of farewells.

Farewells are entirely personal - they can be as big or small as you are comfortable with.

Direct Cremations

A ‘direct cremation’ (also called simple cremation) is simply, transfer of the deceased into the care of a funeral home, with no other family involvement or ceremony when there. The funeral home obtainins all medical documentation, transfers the body directly to the crematorium, and then returns the ashes. This is a more affordable option with some families then choosing to remember their loved one at a simple memorial celebration at home or at a local club.