Alternative Farewells

Alternative Farewells

There are so many options available that there is no need to stick to any certain way of doing things. You are able to choose whatever you feel is right and reflective of your loved one who has passed.

Graveside service

A graveside service combines the ceremony and burial at the cemetery. Combining the two makes it more affordable and simplifies the logistics.

Living funeral

A living funeral is for those who wish to attend their own final send-off and be part of the celebration of their life. Depending on their health, a living funeral can be arranged in advance enabling distant relatives and friends to attend, and an opportunity to say a personal farewell. The event could be as informal as visitors dropping by over a weekend or a more structured ceremony.

Memorial service

A memorial service is a public or private ceremony where the body is not present. The family may have chosen to attend a private cremation, natural or conventional burial.

Burial at sea

The sea plays a special role in many people’s lives and for some people, the preference is for a sea burial. This is a legal method of burial in New Zealand.

Drinks at the Local Club

Many people want a very simple farewell or make it known that they do not want a funeral at all. The family can chose a direct cremation service (sometimes called simple cremation) which includes transport to the funeral home, caring for the body, a plain MDF casket, cremation, death certificate and return of the ashes to the family. The body is not embalmed and there is no option for the family to view the body. A small gathering might be held at the deceased’s local sports club with a bar tab to toast the deceased while his/her favourite song is played.

Share your experience

Do you have experience with an alternative farewell for a loved one? Email us to share your story.

A living funeral is for those who wish to attend their own final send-off and be part of the celebration.