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We just launched in late 2023 and would love your help to spread the word about our mission, our website and the Go With Grace planning tool. If you’re an organisation, charity, business, group or individual who connects with people who could benefit from joining the Go With Grace community, we’d love to help.

We have brochures, bookmarks and conversation cards that can help you share this resource with your friends, members, colleagues and clients – just get in touch and let us know how you’d like to use them and how many you need! Great for displaying in waiting rooms, offices, clinics etc; handing out to people; and including in packs.

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We’ve come across a great new resource that we think you need to know about – it’s called Go With Grace.

Go With Grace provides essential information, gentle guidance, resources and support for New Zealanders planning for end-of-life and for people facing the loss of a loved one. You can create a Go With Grace Plan for yourself or someone else at

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